January Curing…

So the sound of Apartment Therapy‘s, “January Cure,” is inticing, right? Part of my New Year’s resolution is organizing and this gives me some direction.  The idea is to help whip our homes into shape.  Daily tasks to help you clean up, organize, and purge the problem areas in your home.  These are the things that are overlooked because we’ve grown accustom to them being that way.  For me that means the junk drawer, the toy area in our living room, the master bedroom closet, the closet in our second bedroom, the walls that need repainting, the china cabinet emptied and reorganized, the office/third bedroom/sewing room, and the list goes on and on and on.  This cure is about identifying several problems in each room and then choosing one room to focus on this month.  The rest of the list serves to help you know what needs to be worked on next.

I have been doing my daily tasks with gusto, so excited to see what I’m tasked with next, UNTIL I got this weekend’s task.  Big sigh, today’s task is buying fresh flowers, cleaning out all the kitchen cabinets, getting rid of everything that has not been used in 12 months, relining the cabinets, cleaning out the pantry, and the refrigerator/freezer.  I love the idea, but right now it seems a little overwhelming.  Nevermind, that our house is so small that if I empty just one cabinet it basically means not being able to get from one room to another.  This is a huge task, so I better find out who is going to watch my children for the entire weekend.  Hey, this is sounding better already! My love of organization is my one weakness.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, then hop on over the Apartment Therapy’s January Cure and sign up.  They will send you a daily email of tasks.  Please share your quest for organization with us!  We’d love to hear how you are solving the ailments of your home.

My sister just told me about The Amandas of Organized Affairs and how these women organize.  I’m off to look into this website and see if it can help me solve the closets’ issues we’ve not been able to solve since we moved in 5 years ago.  Stay tuned for my before and after pictures!  Wish me luck!!!


2 thoughts on “January Curing…

  1. Hi Erin! I love it! Organization is my love/hate relationship- it always seems to get worse before it gets better… especially when you have a pack-rat for a husband (who is in denial about said pack-rat-ness)! I am off to check out those links since I am in a nesting mood 🙂 but you should check out iheartorganizing.com- you will be addicted to her! Excited to follow along with you!

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