Assignment Complete!


That was A LOT of work!  I’m thrilled it is done.  I’m lucky enough that my kids love to play outside, they were able to do things with family and friends for a while, and even chip in on the kitchen cleanse.  Apartment Therapy really put our household to work this weekend.

I originally posted from my sister’s house on Friday and had hoped to take pictures of the before for her.  Unfortunately, we left her house in such a hurry I left my camera there.  That means there are not going to be before and after pictures of this.  What I can tell you is that it feels GREAT to have accomplished the scrub down.

I can hardly believe we finished.  It truly took the ENTIRE weekend.  I clean the kitchen regularly and that includes scrubbing the cabinet doors!  But I have never felt that my kitchen was this clean before now.  There was some reorganizing and tossing of items, but the majority of time was spent taking things out of cabinets, scrubbing them and putting things back.

I thought the pantry and refrigerator would take a lot of time, so I enlisted some help from my kids and husband.  Thankfully, they all love the house being clean too, so it doesn’t take much to get them to pitch in.  I took things out of the pantry and scrubbed shelves, while one of my kiddos checked dates and chucked anything that passed the expiration.  My husband checked expiration on the fridge and freezer items.  He was so fast it made everything move along quickly enough that we finished before dinner time. Tonight we tossed pizza in the oven for simplicity and to save time because the kids have school tomorrow.

Last night we had our home-cooked meal, prepared by my husband.  He knew I’d worked hard all day cleaning the kitchen.  He watched while he busily worked away at his computer in the next room.  I’m so grateful that he helps.  I’m incredibly blessed! And I have a REALLY clean kitchen too. 😉

Stay tuned, my sister has some really good recipes coming!


3 thoughts on “Assignment Complete!

  1. Ah, what a great feeling it must be to have a kitchen that clean and organized! You have inspired me – this weekend it’s ON!!

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