The Wooden Pillow

Today I read an email which led me to and reminded me about the wooden pillow.  Most of my friends and family have heard me talk about this pillow, or perhaps I had them try it.  It is one of those items that when I think about using it, I absolutely love it.  But to be honest it has been a couple of months since I pulled it out last. I know it doesn’t sound very comfortable, but there is definitely something to it.  

Years ago I purchased one online after trying it in a yoga studio.  I went to the studio and did a placement interview thing.  After a questionnaire and a verbal interview, we moved into another room.  They laid out a wooden pillow and I laid down on the yoga mat on top of the hardwood floor. The crescent-shaped wooden pillow was now round-side up under my neck. Imagine a hard bed and hard pillow. This was going to be interesting. The instructor checked the placement and made an adjustment.  I was given a blanket to cover up with too.  My arms were extended out, palms up. Then the yoga instructor began a deep breathing series that was accompanied by gentle, relaxing music.  The pillow instantly identified each and every knot in my neck that it touched.  It also pressed on them as if I was receiving a still, deep tissue massage to my neck.  I felt an incredible stretch across my chest and arms from the arm extension. It was definitely different than anything I have ever tried before.  After quite some time, my fingers and toes were cold.  This was something the instructor said would happen and the reason for the blanket. Twenty minutes or so later, I was told to roll onto my side and slowly get up.  He instructed me to drink lots of water as the pressure released toxins that needed to be flushed.  My neck felt surprisingly incredible.

Well, today I learned that there are ways to massage your neck by turning your head from side to side on this pillow.  I’ve rolled my head back and forth on it before, but never had instructions for it.  I found this information on  You can also purchase one of these pillows there.  And I should mention, I have been known to fall asleep on this while doing the breathing exercises.



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