The Path to Healthy Living

Seems like we are all going back to the land and getting back to a slow lifestyle, doesn’t it?  Check out Sophia Uliano at This website is dedicated to creating and using products that are practically good enough to eat.  She shares a large array of recipes for homemade bath, body and other products, along with a ton of information.

At our house, we’ve got chickens and we are doing our part to raise them for eggs (just eggs, I keep telling myself).  My husband deals mostly with the poultry, but the girls pitch in too.  They collect the eggs, and they have to know which eggs belong to which chickens.  Even which hen is laying fertile eggs and so on.  We eat from the garden “when the sun is shining”.  The thing is, we are trying to become more and more aware of what we use in our home, as well as what we grow in our garden.  The chemicals in our soaps, detergents, cleaning products, they are all on the radar.  We are looking to use good, earth-friendly products (but sometimes I secretly wonder if they are cleaning well enough).  During the January cure, we were tasked with getting some all natural cleaners, so I took it seriously.  I was pleasantly surprised.

Unfortunately, I never thought about my bedding being a source of toxins.  On it actually talks about mattresses and pillows containing hazardous chemicals.  I have to say I’m feeling a little silly now because I didn’t realize that memory foam can actually release toxins.  And it is happening while I’m sleeping??  I’ve heard about dust mites and allergens, but chemicals in my mattress?  I realize now that I have never thought about it.  When I mentioned it to my husband, he cringed.  So now it’s time to figure out this piece of the puzzle.


2 thoughts on “The Path to Healthy Living

  1. I noticed that our memory foam pillows had a funny chemical smell, especially when they were new. Maybe those anti-allergen pillow protectors would help, since it seems like WE need protecting and not so much the pillows!!

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