Orange Cranberry Tea Biscuits

Orange Cranberry Tea Biscuits

Today our youngest daughter walked in the room with a tray for tea, pretend tea.  She offered it to me and asked if I would like a biscuit.  Of course I did!  And after we had our tea and biscuits, I asked if she’d ever had an actual tea biscuit before.  She had not, so I offered to make some.  I didn’t have a recipe, but I was certain I could find one.  I scoured the internet looking for tea biscuits.  Many had ingredients I don’t keep on hand, so I kept looking.  I came across one on called Welsh Tea Biscuits.  The recipe sounded fairly simple.  The only real problem was that I didn’t have an electric skillet or a way to determine the temperature of a skillet.  I had to change the way I’d cook them, so I decided I’d change the recipe to an orange cranberry flavor too.  Continue reading


Brie and honey!

This week I took a quick trip with my husband to Ojai.  We were able to visit lots of interesting markets, restaurants and the ever-so-interesting Bart’s books.  We also had a visit to the spa and the local tasting room.  It was meant to be a relaxing trip and it was definitely that.  We stayed at the Su Nido Inn which happened to be steps to almost every place we wanted to go.  We actually ate at the same place for dinner two nights in a row, it was so good. Continue reading

The winter produce from this garden is truly delicious and quite special. Take a peek at Sunbird Farms’ organic goodies this year. I’ve actually enjoyed all of the produce planted here. The tennis ball lettuce is a favorite, but the brussel sprouts are also quite a treat. I wonder if we can get Sunbird farms to post the recipe? And, of course, the broccoli was quite tasty too. Thank you Sunbird Farms for the work you are doing! There must be something to this Ark of Taste thing you’ve got going. This garden produce is the best!

Sunbird Farms

Since we recently diverted from our usual poultry post, I thought it would be nice to share some of the other things we’re doing on the farm.  Aside from pastured poultry, we are usually working on something in the garden.  Last summer we had, well, less than remarkable results.  So, determined not to fail again, we struck out on a plan for a bountiful fall/winter garden.  Following in the steps of Mr. Jeavons, we set out to double-dig our plots.  If this sounds like something you’re interested in, but you haven’t done it before, we recommend a good shovel, a good digging fork, and lots of icy-hot when the job is done (your back will need it).  This is good work, but it is hard work.

Having prepared the beds, we set up small boarders, using just 2″x4″, treated with a toxic-free water repellant to reduce warping, swelling, and…

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Chocolate? Yes, please!

Today I am sharing some chocolate recipes from some of my favorite sites. And withValentine’s day around the corner, I think chocolate is its perfect pair.  I’m not sure how to share the pictures from these sites, but I’ve linked you to them.  They are worth a look.  You will not be disappointed.

First there is Heidi Swanson of  She lives in San Francisco and has the ability to find just about any ingredient she desires.  Lucky girl.  She’s written several books, I have 3 of them.  I reach for these time and time again.  I discovered her last year after my husband returned from a trip to Harvard.  He brought books home for all of us. Continue reading