Chocolate? Yes, please!

Today I am sharing some chocolate recipes from some of my favorite sites. And withValentine’s day around the corner, I think chocolate is its perfect pair.  I’m not sure how to share the pictures from these sites, but I’ve linked you to them.  They are worth a look.  You will not be disappointed.

First there is Heidi Swanson of  She lives in San Francisco and has the ability to find just about any ingredient she desires.  Lucky girl.  She’s written several books, I have 3 of them.  I reach for these time and time again.  I discovered her last year after my husband returned from a trip to Harvard.  He brought books home for all of us.  Mine was “Super Natural Everyday” and you can click on the link to find it on Amazon. Heidi introduced me to whole wheat pastry flour, an ingredient I am thrilled to keep on hand.  Then I found out she had this website.  I was so surprised when she had recipes categorized by type and ingredients.   This was heavenly.  I love her pictures and the site.  Actually, you ought to have a look at her sometimes-open store, Quitokeeto.  We haven’t had any luck when we’ve tried to buy from it, since they have limited supplies, but I love perusing it anyway.  I did end up getting a wrapping cloth, very excited about it.  Sadly, I had to find it elsewhere.  At least Heidi was able to share the idea, I’m ever so grateful for that.  Today I’m posting a recipe from her website at 101cookbooks-Chocolate Bundt Cake.  This is one I am really looking forward to because it sounds a bit like a family recipe on my husband’s side.  I wonder if this bundt cake will do well in a bowl of milk?

Next up, we’ve got Gina Homolka of  I first found her when I signed up for a Pinterest account.  I enjoy her recipes because she keeps the intake in check.  Most of her recipes have weight watchers points, calories, and other important information that is so hard to keep track of when you make things at home.  I really appreciate her picky husband as I am quite picky myself.  I’ve learned that I can substitute simple things in the recipe to make it turn out lighter.  Lighter in calories that is, not ever sacrificing the flavor.  Gina is amazing and I have enjoyed each of the recipes I’ve tried.  I’m thinking of trying this very soon- Skinnytaste-Dark Chocolate Chunk Bread Pudding.  Sounds warm, and delightful. You’ll need to scroll down a little to find it in a red ramekin. Gina is working on her first cookbook and it should be out in 2014.  Can’t wait!

And what is this little melty chocolate find?  Goop-Molten Chocolate Cakes, must be sinfully delicious.  Can anyone stop me?  Umm, I don’t think so.  Although Goop isn’t my go to site for recipes, I actually find other interesting things there.  One of my favorite finds is Tracy Anderson Method.  I can’t remember when I started her method, but that is another post entirely.  And I’m sure we’ll need her help after all this chocolate indulgence.

But for this weekend, I am thrilled to be making these David Lebovitz-Chocolate Macarons. David Lebovitz started out in Berkeley, CA and now resides in Paris.  He has written six books, and I don’t have any of them yet. His book is available from Amazon and you can find it here, “The Great Book of Chocolate.”  It happens to be his favorite ingredient, which makes it that much more exciting. I tried making these last year while I watched “The Sound of Music” for the first time.  Gasp!  I know, how could I have missed that movie for this long?  Anyway, back to the chocolate macarons.  He gives two recipes for the filling.  I used the chocolate one, it is fantastic.  These were a huge hit at my house and they look like mini burgers when all put together.  It does take some time, but it is well worth it.  Our youngest called them, “Happy food.”

Chocolate and happiness to you!


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