Exercise: Run, Tracy Anderson Method & Yoga

Photo of Tracy Anderson from www.womenfitness.net

Photo of Tracy Anderson from http://www.womenfitness.net

Every year I seem to go through an exercise cycle. In the winter months, I find it hardest to do any sort of workout, so it is more like a season of rest. And as soon as it begins warming up, I start exercising again. Last year, I made a goal to learn to run a mile, and I enjoyed it tremendously.  I know it sounds like a silly, small goal, but truly it was the start of something I really enjoy today.

I made that goal the first time I ran because I went so slow.  It just made me more excited to see what I was able to do.  I actually worked my way up to 7 miles.  It was quite a journey.  I battled all sorts of things I had no idea I would.  There were headaches, and new pains, days of rest, days of sweat, and days spent trying to figure out my diet and hydration.  I gained a lot of muscle and weight.  Every other time I’ve exercised I haven’t gained, but I haven’t lost either.  I usually maintain a constant weight.  Once my weight went up, I lacked motivation to continue and it coincided with winter. My sister-in-law said it best, ” I’m a fair-weather runner.” I think this is true for me as well. I have a tough time adjusting to very hot or cold temperatures.  Instead, I started walking a lot more.

The weather is warming up again and we’ve even had some 70˚ weather thrown our way.  Right now at Costco they have Tracy Anderson exercise DVDs Dance Cardio and Mat Workout for eight dollars each.  She has an incredible exercise system.  It is VERY HARD and VERY EFFECTIVE.  I snatched those DVDs up.  The thing is, you have to truly be dedicated to make it through her videos.  Yes, my arms feel like I lit a wild fire in them and my legs shake like we are having an earthquake, but I want to see results.  I shake for hours after I finish her workouts.  I endure this because the results motivate me.  I know her method works and if I am going to put the time in, I’d like to know it is time well spent.  Don’t you?

This year I want to mix it up and keep going. Actually, I would love to get some yoga in too. Dance cardio and yoga are things I do inside, at home. This would seem like an easy way to keep going in winter, but I just want to snuggle up under a blanket and read. Running is something I like to do outside when it is beautiful.  As the seasons change, I am really looking forward to this change in my exercise as well.  I wonder what inspires you?  Do you have an exercise cycle?  Do the seasons make a difference?


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